Derrick // SOLD

Derrick is a very modern, uphill built Dressage prospect with tremendous movement. His walk is to die for, so big, swingy and clear. The trot has a LOT of suspension, you can feel the big Boing in a very pleasant way.The canter is very ground covering (without being quick) and just climbs into the air. WOW! Now this is 4 year old baby, he is still very much in physical development, but feeling what I feel on him now as an adolescent…. this will be SOME horse in a year or 2. Baby or not, Derrick is a solid citizen. He has impressed us with his mind and tractability from day one. He is very people oriented and really bonds with his person. “McDreamy” is pure pleasure to ride and train, he is made for Dressage!  

Age: 4 Sex: Gelding Breed: Hanoverian Color: Black Size: 16.2 hds Price:

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